No Matter The Financial Pressures There Is Always A Solution

In these most challenging economic times more and more people and more and more business owners are struggling to keep their heads above the proverbial water. I am also very aware that there are a lot of people and business owners who are not use to struggling financially. There are many people who may not necessarily be rich or even comfortable but they have always honoured their monthly commitments and always paid their debts. But it is strange times in which we now live and being in debt can be very frightening and very scary, especially if you’re not used to being unable to afford your bills.

Nothing upsets me more than hearing of break-ups and, worse still, suicides just because of money. There are 10 debt solutions that are stand-alone or can be used in combination to provide a bespoke strategy or solution.

The most important thing is to not bury your head in the sand but to talk to somebody; get professional advice. Don’t talk to your mate in the pub. You can talk to me. You can to talk to any number of different organisations. It doesn’t cost anything to talk and just to know that there is a solution, in fact, there are usually several solutions, that alone does a lot to remove the stress and that’s before you’ve even taken any real action.

There is no shame or stigma in being in debt. If banks, businesses and whole countries can go bankrupt, why can’t you, not that I am suggesting that bankruptcy is necessarily the answer (but it could be)?

Don’t suffer in silence, talk to a professional.

This is Barry Mitchell, Lightside Financial.

Proving there is life after debt

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