River Cruising is for old people, right?

River Cruises are for old people, right?

Not any more. Have a look at this programme

• Design your own T Shirt
• Creative Studio
• Photo and movie activities
• Pop up cards
• Ship treasure hunts
• Face painting
• Sports
• Pirates Day
This is the kids programme on a Rhine Cruise. While the kids are having their adventures, you are in the Spa/Bar/Gym/Asleep.

and the scenery can be pretty spectacular with plenty of excursions to keep you and your family fully occupied. You will not have time to get bored.

River Cruises are for stuffy people, right.

No. The food is excellent, but it’s buffet service. You may have to leave the Dinner Jacket behind. There are a range of eating options available while you are river cruising, from pay as you go to All Inclusive. Your fellow passengers could be from any country, although there may be a greater proportion of British people on the all British lines, and a more continental mix on the French and German lines.

The boats are small, right?

Well, spacious cabins, a number of restaurants and bars, a gym, a pool, kids club, etc, etc,  suggest that you are not going to feel too squashed. Remember there are far fewer cabins than on most cruise liners or in the rooms in the average hotel.

River Cruises are expensive, right?

No, wrong again. River Cruise lines can range from the equivalent of 3* up to the very best 5* and beyond. But several lines provide free places for children under the age of 15. Yes, you did read that right, free cruises for two children accompanied by two adults. And there is still some availability on cruises for this summer (2019)
A 4 night Christmas Rhine Cruise can cost from as little as €800 pp so €1600 for a family of two adults and two children. (That is just the cruise, not the cost of getting to and from Cologne). 5 nights on the Seine for €750 pp.
And if it is not too poor a metaphor in the context of cruising, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to river cruising.