7 Absolutely Bananas Mobile App Facts

1 – People spend on average 89% of their mobile time in apps and 11% on websites. There’s a message here for you: If you don’t have an app that’s a-peeling to your customer or consumer base you will lose potential business.

2 – 61% of people won’t bother visiting a mobile website they’ve had trouble accessing, and even worse than that, 40% will instead head to a competitor. That means that its absolutely vital that your website be mobile friendly and accessible and ripe for the picking.

3 – 83% percent of B2B marketers believe that mobile apps are important for content marketing. That means that mobile apps shouldn’t just be considered productivity-enhancers or as retail apps. You need to consider them powerful marketing tools in making you the top banana.

4 – 35% of mobile searches are regarding something local. That’s according to the Google Mobile Moments Study. What this tells you is, even if you’re a small business you need a mobile strategy and a web site that display well on mobile devices and separates you from the rest of the bunch.

5 – 68% percent of companies use mobile apps in their overall marketing strategies according to a report by Salesforce. So, if you aren’t using mobile apps for marketing, you’ll end up slipping on banana peels and left behind.

6 – Mobile advertising will account for 72% of all digital ad spending by 2019 according to a report by Marketing Land. So, if your company gets any digital ad revenue, it’s time to focus on mobile so you can go where the money and the bananas are.

7 – 83% percent of mobile users believe that it’s very important they have a seamless experience across all mobile devices. That means you need to have an app that’s not only a-peeling but an app that your customers will go absolutely bananas for.

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