How to CREATE blog topics for the next three months in 60 minutes or less

It’s imperative to plan well for blogging to work. But even the best writers can tell you that they have writers’ block now and again.   Here are some tips […]

Looking to Blog More? Here’s How to Find blog topics for the next three months in 60 minutes or less.

  Here are some tips to get you started: Brainstorm and come up with some topic ideas. Ask yourself what your readers would benefit from? Use a site like BuzzSumo.com […]

Do Employers Have To Pay Staff For Doing “A Bit Of Extra” Before Or After Work?

The employee, Mr Fitz, worked under a series of fixed hours contracts and after becoming appointed as a supervisor, he was expected to provide cover in the store manager’s absence. […]

Employment Tribunals Up 23%

According to the MOJ the common complaint disposed of for this quarter was ‘unauthorised deduction’ of pay; whereas in the same quarter in 2017 it was ‘unfair dismissal’ EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL […]

Business Rates – Are You Getting The Retail Discount?

If you have occupied retail premises in England with a rateable value of less than £51,000, you should have had your business rates bill reduced by one third. Taken from […]

Uplift in Redundancy Pay limits April 2019

Statutory cap on redundancy pay With effect from 6 April 2019, the statutory cap on a week’s pay (which is used for redundancy calculations as well as certain employment tribunal […]

What Makes a Seemingly “normal” 40-Year-Old Man Consider Wanting to Drive His Car into a Brick Wall?

How does PTSD manifest itself in the workplace? What makes a seemingly “normal”, well-adjusted and often “super” salesman/woman suddenly and inexorably crash and burn, often ending up taking their own […]

Do you know which documents are proof of right to work?

Some Commonwealth citizens have a right of abode in the UK and therefore have the right to the same treatment as a British citizen in relation to their ability to […]

Increase in Statutory Rates April 6th 2019

Statutory Sick Pay Rate increases to £94.25 per week for those eligible Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay, Statutory Adoption Pay, Shared Parental Leave Pay Rate increases to £148.68 per […]

Why Mindfulness Matters

It means being aware, paying attention to what you’re doing and why and avoiding being too reactive. These acts are incredibly beneficial in the workplace to the employee and the […]

Are You An Ethical Entrepreneur?

For many this has become the norm-everyone is doing it being the justification One of the main problems is a lack of a good example being set by business leaders. […]

What is a protected conversation and how can I use it?

The law recognises that parties should be free to have such discussions without fear of incriminating themselves. However, it used to be the case that employers had to wait before […]