Sponsor licence – Apply now!

The new points-based system (PBS) is on the horizon and businesses should look to apply for the sponsor licence right away.


Many businesses allowed their sponsor licence to expire instead of renewing it over the last few year, this was mainly as a result of stricter immigration requirements and unrealistic salary caps, however, from 1 January 2021 the new points-based system will kick in and along comes the end of freedom of movement.


The new PBS is more flexible and designed to attract some of the best talent to the UK. It is not as hard as you think to recruit global talent, the requirement of the resident labour market test has been removed and there is no cap, which results in time saving for employers.


Vira International are assisting lots of existing and new clients in applying for their sponsor licence and we are getting them approved in  as early as in one week for some of our lucky clients.


Before panic sets in and the Home Office is inundated with applications, let us help you in securing a sponsor licence and get you ready for the new immigration system.


Contact Anjum on 020 8863 581 or email anjum@vira.co.uk.