Does Networking Work?

Logically though, if everyone attended networking events just to sell nobody would be there to buy and networking wouldn’t work.

Successful networkers attend events to catch up with existing acquaintances and to make new friends. They realise that, when the need arises, people are far more likely to do business with friends rather than hunters. It’s a 2-way thing too and if treated properly everyone can win.

Being part of a community has lots of benefits. You can network online too and seek introductions to people whose services you need.

At Your Business Community (YBC) we use the expression ‘Give us your needs and we’ll turn them into leads’. We regularly facilitate introductions for members that otherwise would never get to know one another.

So if you are looking for more clients and would like to find out more about how being a member of YBC can help you do so please call us on 0333 358 3399 or email us at