Smart Start: Map Out Your Startup Success and Understand your Customers.

Kickstart your business journey!

If you aspire to start a business or elevate your current venture and are situated in Harrow, this event is tailored for you.

Join us at our new business workshop for aspiring entrepreneurs in Harrow looking to launch their own venture.

This programme by Brunel Business School in collaboration with London Borough of Harrow, provides businesses an experience where we guide budding entrepreneurs through every step of starting a business. Our session is made to develop all elements of your business and refine your start-up potential.

· A fully- funded session that will help you hone your skills to establish your business.

· Dive deep into understanding what your customers need, fine-tune your business plan, and learn how to protect your creative ideas.

· Build a set of versatile skills that will be useful in your future endeavours.