Harrow Business Clinic

Are you a Harrow-based business owner looking for ONE-ON -ONE BUSINESS CONSULTATION?

London Borough of Harrow and Brunel Business School will host a Business Clinic to provide harrow based businesses and residents with business caoching from experts at Brunel Business School.

The business clinic will help you understand :

  • Areas in your business that need practical strategies to compete in the market
  • How actionable insights can contribute to the growth of a business
  • Equip you with pratical steps to produce continous improvement

By the end of the clinic you will:

  • Get personalized one-on-one assessment from seasoned business advisors from Brunel Business School.
  • Leave with a clear, actionable plan for growth and step-by-step strategies.
  • Assess your business challenges and equip you with the know-how to overcome them.

Join the Harrow Business Clinic.