Steps To Dominate Your Niche


There is a business blog out there that has more readers than yours, and website with more visitors and a brand that has better name recognition.

HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean that you cannot start to dominate your market place and become a Niche Celebrity.

It is tempting to think that these competitors got to a more recognizable position because the planets were aligned and the Universe delivered it to them, but the reality is they out-thought, out worked and out-strategized you and everyone else in your market place.

And this is great news for you. Because if you know how the ‘greats’ became ‘great’ you can apply a domination strategy of your own, and ensure that you are the go-to person in your market niche.

So here is your step-by-step strategy:

Find A Niche To Dominate (inch wide mile deep)

A niche is a focused, targeted segment of a market. Unique. When you niche you become a specialist provider of a product or service and solely serve a specific client groups need, which cannot be addressed in such detail by mainstream providers (otherwise known as a jack-of –all- trades).

Having a niche will make it easy for you to become an expert in that specific segment, and also make marketing easier. Marketing is absolutely necessary for you to dominate your market and become a niche celebrity.

Know What Makes You Different.

Once you have a chosen niche you have to know what makes you different from other people in your industry and niche. A niche that is an inch wide and a mile deep will still have competitors… so you need to have something that is specifically different and unique to you and your business.

Seth Godin talks about the Purple Cow. The Purple Cow is the cow that stands out in a field of brown and white cows, that makes it un-miss able. What can you do to purple cow your business and make it stand out in a field of plain boring cows?

Provide Huge Value

This one is a no brainer. If you do not provide huge value for a fair price you will not own and dominate the market. And if you try and sell on price alone you will be fishing in a very dangerous pond.

If you sell your products and services at a low price and try and own a market that caters for the ‘money conscious’ you will not generate customer loyalty. What you will create is hagglers – people who only want your best price.

If you provide huge value for a fair price though, you will find that you get referred and clients work with you time and time again. So always provide huge value and never promote your services on price.

Give Your Best Stuff For Free

When you start to do this you will feel scared but actually the best way to be seen as the expert, is to BE the expert.

This means writing blogs that actually help people out, and don’t just promote you, giving speeches that people can take action on, sharing videos that are not promoting you but overcoming one of your clients’ problems… it means giving your best stuff away for free and becoming known as the person who knows everything!

Be Visible

This is where the domination starts! If you are the best-kept secret on the web then you will never own your niche and dominate your market. You have to be visible. At all times. You have to make sure that if you are Googled, that you show up on page one, two and three of Google. If you Google Amanda C. Watts you will find me there, dominating Google on all things business and start-up strategies. If I were to Google your name do you show up? Is there proof that you are the best person for me to do business with?

Be Everywhere

And this follows on from being visible. Not only do you have to be visible –  but you have to be everywhere – at all times. This means that you can’t just tweet a few times a week, but actually tweet twice an hour. It means you should update your Facebook page at least 3 times a day. It means you should run a Facebook Business Group, and have a LinkedIn group. Of course you need to ensure your target market use theses mediums, but it’s better to be everywhere than nowhere.

You have to be everywhere at all times. With no break, you have to be relentless in raising your profile and being under peoples noses. Some people will not like it, but your ideal perfect client will understand that you can help them and love you for it. My favorite Sales Guru in the world is a man called Grant Cardone. He talks of 10x ing everything you do. Be everywhere at all times. Look him up, he is a huge inspiration and has helped me achieve the successes and domination I have today.

I am proof this works: by tweeting twice an hour 7 days a week I am now in the top 50 influencers for business and marketing in the UK. And I gain more followers and hits to my website on a daily basis. All by being visible everywhere – 10x ing more than my competitors.

Be Consistent

This is imperative. By being consistent you will instill confidence in your product and service. Once you start to be more visible and be everywhere you have to keep it up. If you blog a few times a week you can’t then leave it for three months. Make sure you have a system and a strategy and stick to it. If you need help then get an assistant to ensure you are being visible every day, consistently. If you combine visibility, with being everywhere, (consistently) you will dominate your niche!

Never Give Up

And finally never ever give up. Most successes come outside your comfort zone and after a lot of work for very little reward. There is no such thing as an overnight success. Keep going, keep being visible, keep helping and showing you are the expert and you WILL break through and become a Niche Celebrity. It won’t take weeks, it might take years, but realistically within a few months of dominating your chosen niche you will become known, liked, trusted and loved and have a successful business. In fact you will be well on your way to becoming a Niche Celebrity.