A Letter To Someone We Love – A Metaphor for life and business

It upsets us to see how unhappy you are. People often think they deserve more or they deserve to be happy or they deserve to be successful and, often, people convince themselves that they will become happy/successful if, when………….etc. However, often there is a little voice whispering in your ear, at a level you cannot consciously hear, saying to you:
“Yea, who are you trying to kid?”
There is a belief that happiness, like wealth and success, only happens to other people but not me. That is simply not true. Everybody can be successful, can be wealthy and everybody deserves to be happy. I have come to realise, the one common element is people focus on their problems. We have a saying:
‘Where your focus goes, the energy flows.’
If you focus on your debts, you get more debt. If you focus on your unhappiness, you become unhappier. If you focus on your failures, you fail more. You need to give serious thought as to what is your definitive purpose. What is your goal? What is winning to you? What does it look like? How do you know you’re on the right path to winning and how do you know when you have won? Winning is different to us all. Ultimately, your happiness, your wealth, your success is your responsibility and nobody else’s. Focus on what will make you happy because where the focus goes, the energy will flow. Yes, it probably will mean taking scary and painful decisions but you must keep your focus on your happiness and let nothing deter you from travelling down the path to that glorious destination.
If you’re unable to re-mould, re-shape what you already have and you have tried your best to achieve that and you remain unhappy, it is your responsibility to take a different path to the happiness you deserve. If painful decisions are required, let your happiness be your guiding principle and make those painful decisions. Usually, the pain is not as great as we anticipated, nor is the fear as great as we feared. Remember, massive action will lead to massive results. You can be happy but it is up to you. You can be wealthy and successful but it is up to you.
Remember, you are responsible for you. If you are happy, if you are wealthy, if you are successful, it is your fault. If not, that is your fault, also. You are responsible for you. Understand, that not achieving your goal is a habit. Achieving your goal is a habit.
There is so much more I could say but just know, we are right behind you and whatever path you decide to take, we will be walking, no, running right alongside you, every step of the way. You have so much to give and so much happiness to enjoy. The world is a much better place because you are in it. Be Loved. Be Happy and most important of all, BE FOCUSED.