British Gas to Scrap standard tariff for new customers – a good thing?

British Gas  has announced it will scrap its expensive standard variable tariffs (SVTs) by April 2018 for new customers. It claims that this will lower average energy bills.

EON and Scottish Power have already announced similar plans.

British Gas has said that it will also do more to persuade existing customers on SVTs to move  to cheaper deals.

There are doubts by Uswitch and Which (the consumer organisation) as to whether this move will really benefit British Gas customers.

There are no guarantees that prices will go down. Switching is still likely to save you money as British Gas tariffs are typically 20-25% more  expensive than other deals on the market.

It you are a British Gas customer click here for more information to see how you this affects you. 

Source: BBC, 20 November 2017