Don’t complicate your communications!

Whilst you may think this is an obvious solution to keep costs low, (every start-up wants to save money after all) it could be more damaging than you realise.

Research shows that 60% of consumers and businesses don’t trust companies with only a mobile number as a point of contact. That’s over half of potential business opportunities you may be missing out on because you don’t appear to have a landline number.

The landline number isn’t just another point of contact. Your business landline number gives you a professional persona, and a larger, more established appearance which then conveys trust.

Latest technology from RipHub allows you to put a landline number on your mobile. It is a cost effective efficient solution, with great flexibility, and it gives you the professional, established appearance your customers want.

What’s more it allows you to separate your work and personal life. After all, we separate our personal emails from our business emails, it makes sense to be doing the same with our calls.