Having An App Impresses Customers

Survey results published by Appsme reveal that improved customer perception is the biggest overall benefit gained from an investment in a mobile app.

Of the businesses who see an improved customer perception, restaurants (including cafes & coffee shops) lead the pack, followed by health & fitness professionals and finally hair & beauty businesses. An overwhelming 77% of restaurants said having an app has had a positive effect on their bottom line.

The survey results also list improved customer engagement (43%), “making the business look cool” (25%), and helping customer retention (12%) as additional business benefits provided by a mobile app.

Unsurprisingly, London is at the forefront of the small business app scene representing 30% of Appsme’s UK customers, followed by Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow and Southampton. Small business owners in Norwich are the least likely to launch a mobile app.

Nick Barnett, CEO at Appsme.com, said: “Just as a shop sign, colour scheme and store presentation can make or break a sale, the use of technology to increase engagement and make life easier for customers can also have a huge impact on how the brand is perceived.”