Marketing Isn’t Everything But Everything Is Marketing

Marketing Isn’t Everything But Everything Is Marketing 


In a business context whenever you meet someone, speak to someone on the phone, post on social media or email someone what you are doing is marketing. So it makes sense to think about how you are interacting with people to get the most from those marketing efforts.


Even chatting on the way to work or in the shops is a form of marketing but let’s take a look at some big areas where improvements can be made.




Not just what you look like, although that is important, but how you portray your business. It’s far better to have a professional domain name than to use a gmail or yahoo type of email address. Equally, in terms of perception, you’ll be far better off if you have a landline number rather than just a mobile number.




The more people you know the better your chances of finding more clients. Attending networking events is an ideal way to make more contacts so it makes sense to get out there and meet your next potential clients. Networking isn’t about selling though, it’s about making friends with people. Then, when someone has a need for a service it’s logical they’ll choose their friend.


Email Marketing


After you’ve met people or done business with someone encourage them to sign up for your marketing list. You can add them to your list yourself if you believe they have a legitimate interest in hearing from you. That means you can then keep them up to date with what is going on in your world.


Word Of Mouth 


Happy clients are far better at promoting you than you are so encourage your contacts to let their contacts know about you. If it’s practical offer incentives to make people more inclined to spread the word.


How Can YBC Membership Help You With Your Marketing?


  • As a YBC member you can have a FREE virtual landline number and divert the calls to your mobile. No line rental or call divert charges.
  • Members can also register a domain name via our website.
  • Check our events page and book into some of our networking events, either face to face or on Zoom.
  • Use our Email Marketing platform where you can email up to 10 thousand addresses unlimited times for free.
  • Being part of our huge community means there are lots of people helping to spread the word about what you do.


Lastly a true story about word of mouth marketing at its very best. YBC membership also gives members access to discounted rates at large business expos and, before the pandemic, we got a call from someone who wanted to book a stand so they duly became members and secured their slot at the expo in question. As the call was about to end we asked them where they are from as it sounded like an international call. The answer was Australia! We asked them how they had heard about us and they said that someone had told them about us in the pub the night before! Astonishing.


If you are a YBC member already, thank you and please continue spreading the word. If you aren’t a member yet please check out our website

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