How Many Times To Get Your Advert Seen

It is still applicable today:


The first time people look at any ad they don’t even see it


The second time, they don’t notice it


The third time, they are aware that it is there


The fourth time, they have a fleeting sense that they’ve seen it somewhere before


The fifth time, they actually read the ad


The sixth time, they thumb their nose at it


The seventh time, they start to get a bit irritated by it


The eighth time the start to think “Here’s that confounded ad again”


The ninth time, they start to wonder if they may be missing out on something


The tenth time, they ask their friends and neighbours if they’ve tried it


The eleventh time they wonder how the company is paying for all these ads


The twelfth time, they start to think that it must be a good product


The thirteenth time they start to feel the product has value


The fourteenth time they start to remember wanting a product exactly like this for a long time


The fifteenth time, they start to yearn for it because they can’t afford to buy it


The sixteenth time they accept the fact that they will buy it sometime in the future


The seventeenth time they make a note to buy the product


The eighteenth time they curse their poverty for not allowing them to buy this terrific product


The nineteenth time, they count their money very carefully


The twentieth time prospects see the ad, they buy what is offered….