When to Call a Loss Assessor?

The answer — as soon as possible.

Why Do I Need a Loss Assessor?

If you’ve ever made an insurance claim, you’ll know all about the long forms and small print. A reputable insurance company will play fair with you, but they’re not in the business of handing out money they don’t need to. If you lose your way in the maze, you could find your claim rejected.

A loss assessor, such as Allied Claims, knows all about how the insurance industry works and how to avoid the pitfalls. Unlike the loss adjustor, who works for the insurance company, the loss assessor is wholly and completely your advocate and has a vested interest in getting you the best pay-out possible. If you don’t get paid, nor does the loss assessor.

Isn’t It Better to Try by Myself First?

Some people assume they can deal with the claim themselves and only fall back on a loss assessor if they run into trouble. That’s not a good strategy, though. If you make a mistake in your claim and it’s rejected, it would be difficult for even a loss assessor to sort it out.

The time to get the loss assessor involved is the moment you know you’re going to be making a claim.

Can’t I Save Money by Doing Without a Loss Assessor?

Quite the reverse. The service is completely free to you*, since the loss assessor is paid by the insurance company as part of the settlement.

In fact, by using a loss assessor you’re likely to save money. Quite apart from the risk of having your claim rejected and being faced with the repair bills, doing it yourself means setting up meetings with both the loss adjustor and anyone offering a quote. This is likely to be during working hours, so you may have to take time off work.

Alternatively, you could have your own loss assessor doing all that, leaving you free to get on with your life while your claim is being put through by an expert.