How To Deal With Parking Charge Notices

Here are two proven strategies that may be used to set aside all traffic Penalty Charge Notices (PCN).

Every PCN is an offer to do business and as such is subject to the rules of Commerce and Contract.  In every contract there are several parts which include:
Offer and Acceptance,
A meeting of minds,
Equal and opposite consideration and
Full disclosure.

If any of these is missing, the contract is invalid.  The same is true in every PCN and in every commercial exchange. The website has resources that you can use to set aside almost ANY PCN from any almost agency.  There are two Notices.  These are all that is needed to stop PCNs.  However, the claimant may STILL go to court and ask Northampton Bulk Clearance Centre to issue an order that you pay.  However, you can have the case rescheduled to your local magistrates’ court where present your evidence bundle.  Courts have cancelled PCNs and court orders to pay PCNs.  Details may be found on the BOEVAT website.

My alternative strategy is to ask a question.  What is your time worth?  To follow the BOEVAT process can consume up to two-three days of your time.  It could involve a morning or afternoon in court.  My time is too precious for this.  In a recent conversation with a builder I gave the following advice.

His guys were collecting parking tickets almost every week.  There were PCNs when they visited builders’ suppliers.  There were tickets when dropping materials at building sites.  I told him to do the following.
1.  Review your history of PCNs.
2.  Determine the average number of PCNs his guys collected on each building job.
3.  Then as part of his annual financial planning, determine the average cost of PCNs for each job.
4.  Finally, add the average cost of PCNs to the quote for each job.
Where a job goes through with no PCNs, bank the value of the PCNs for future use.  In other words, incorporate an element for traffic penalties in your annual finance plans (AFP), and pass the cost on to your clients.

I believe that all businesses should incorporate planning for traffic offences in their AFP.  My time and your time is too valuable to waste on these matters.