Tired of London? Nah!

I was born 178 years to the day from when the great man is supposed to have said this.  Maybe this is why it has been my motto for most of my adult life.

Just like another great – Robin Williams every day I open the patio door from my bedroom to my balcony overlooking Battersea Power Station and shout ‘Good Morning London!”

I would guess that “at all intellectual” applies to many more of us these days than in the 18th century in that we know far more about what is out there in our home towns, countries and in fact the world.  I have travelled a lot of it and I am actually a Brummie (but I did get an ‘O’ level in Geography) but I tend to feel, travel and act like a local wherever I lay my hat (a genuine Australian Barmah) but London has this pull that can’t be explained.  One of my clients recently said “we love London and we hate London but it is very hard to leave”.

This is so true but every day 50,000 people do arrive in this marvellous place and every day the same amount have to leave.  They are the business travellers and holiday makers who help make this one of the most vibrant and diverse cities on the planet.  It’s 2,000 year, pretty continuous, history with numerous invasions some peaceful some not has made it what it is and what people want to see.

I want to contribute to this and my Brummie invasion has been down to an idea that germinated over a 30 year period.  How can I master the Tube?

The London Underground (another world first) affectionately named ‘the tuppenny tube’ but now thanks to inflation just the Tube is a work of incredible engineering endeavour and art.  It gets us from A to B quicker than any other way but sometime can get us lost as well.  There are in fact 99,540 As to Bs on the 316 Tube and DLR system and I am my two children have walked every platform, counted every step and timed every escalator.

From this came Best Tube To.  A free portable phone optimised web site planner for all of those millions of people who go from a different A to different B every day.  Any business in London can add a link to their local station enabling their visitors to fine them using the Tube.  Try it and do tell us what you think.

My family will attest to the fact that I am an incessant story teller and our social media platforms say daily what is happening in The Smoke so look out for us, keep in touch with us and look out for us – the Union Flag waistcoats and bowler hats are a dead giveaway.  Come On Down.