Listen – Solutions Not Resolutions

Having this time to think is great but how much better could things be if we did this more frequently? Identity which areas of your business need improvement and seek solutions. This could well mean outsourcing which will leave you more time to concentrate on what you are good at. Then resolve to measure the impact on a regular basis.

Listen To Your Heart As Well As Your Head

Decisions made with the head are often based purely on facts.whereas, sometimes, instinct can work a lot better. It’s your business so trust your gut feeling.when it’s strong enough.

Listen To Recommendations Not Self Appointed Experts

Social media is literally awash with promises of silver bullet solutions. Be wary of ‘take your business to the next level’ and ‘have the business you deserve’ offers. These are often cynical propositions with only one winner so it’s far better to seek recommendation  than be a guinea pig.

Listen More

You might not consider yourself to be a sales person but you are probably the only one that you’ve got. Sales people often get a bad name because they talk too much but the most successful listen a lot more than they talk. This allows them to discover the needs of their potential client and then to offer an appropriate solution.

Thank you for listening and a Happy New Year!