What Training Does A First Aider Need?

First Aiders

The recommendation is that in a lower risk business, such as an office, an appointed person would be required for fewer than 50 staff and a First Aider for 50 – 100 and an additional First Aider for every additional 100 employees.

The First Aider should be able to leave their place of work immediately to respond to an emergency.

Additional First Aiders would need to be appointed if the risk assessment shows a requirement for First Aider to be available.


Appointed Persons

Appointed persons should not be called upon to administer First Aid if they have not received the relevant training.

The appointed person can replace a First Aider when the First Aider is absent in temporary or unforeseen circumstances however, not if the First Aider is on annual leave.

An appointed person is someone appointed to:

  • Take charge when someone is injured or falls ill (this includes calling the emergency services if required)
  • Look after the first aid equipment including keeping the First Aid box replenished and ensuring provisions such as bandages are up to date
  • Keep records of treatment given, ensuring that the accident book is completed and records are maintained.

It is recommended that you don’t keep tablets and medicines in the first-aid box.

Employees must be informed of the first aid arrangements. Notices informing your employees who the appointed persons and First Aiders are, how they can be contacted and the location of the first aid box should be displayed.

Special arrangements need to be considered for those employees with reading or language difficulties.


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