Looking Forwards Not Downwards

Those of us who aren’t looking where we are going though, are reliant on those that are to avoid collisions.

I wonder how many business owners are doing the same thing?  Not planning their route, objectives, strategies or making financial forecasts, literally ploughing on not looking where they are going.

It is all too easy to get so stuck attending to triviality without actually doing anything productive. I’m not necessarily talking about a business plan here, more having a vision of what you intend to do each day. I don’t personally make physical lists but I do mentally tick things off when I’ve done them. Crossing things off either mentally or physically has a wonderfully uplifting effect too.

In my experience, successful business owners do look where they are going, so much so that some of them appear to have a sixth sense. They are aware that they can’t do everything on their own and find outside expertise or employ people so that they can delegate.

As well as not being a physical maker of lists I’ve never been a believer in meditation. However, I do go for a run several times a week and I was discussing this at a recent networking event with a new friend. She asked me what I got from running other than the physical benefit and I said that it allowed me to clarify my thoughts, ideas that I couldn’t make sense of at my desk often fall into place when I’m pounding the streets. She informed me that my running is a form of meditation, and, of course, she’s right!