Think Big Picture Branding to Succeed!

Branding for any kind of business or organisation is an ongoing process. And one that needs to Grow, Refresh and Explore, new ways of communicating over the life span or your business.

There are so many different stages to establishing and growing your brand. And it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. Below is a quick overview of the fundamentals you need to think about and put in place before creating your branding. Never start with a logo alone.

Brand fundamentals to have in place:

  • Have a clear business plan (facts, figures, and growth projections)
  • A brand strategy that helps promote your business, services and products
  • Clarity on your customer and client personas
  • Create a sound brand purpose, values and proposition statement
  • Design a creative and engaging visual brand
  • Established the brand’s tone of voice (copy)
  • Design a professional, flexible and timeless logo identity
  • Create a memorable hook (tagline or strapline)
  • Apply and design the marketing collateral and digital presence, which aligns with your brand’s purpose, communicates benefits and looks consistently professional across all media channels.

At Somethingpreeti Creative, we’re a passionate team of creatives, writers and digital professionals, focused on helping you feel confident about growing and refreshing your brand. And working hard to help you succeed as a business.

Whatever stage you are at with your branding, print and digital marketing ideas or project, get in touch and let’s see where we can bring your brand vision to life.

Preeti Nayee – Brand and Communications Designer

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