Property Investing Basics

In an on-going conversation here on YBC, I thought I’d share ideas from my book “Your Financial Freedom in Sight”
It’s based on what I think is the most fundamental principle for anyone getting into property investing…Buy, Refurbish, refinance: this strategy teaches you about every aspect of dealing with: buying, negotiating, dealing with trades and the things you need to know about: plumbers, electricians and general building, then there is: finance, professionals like solicitors, mortgage brokers and lenders, banking…well that’s a whole new topic for another day.
After all that you have the tenants, the agreements you must put in place, the legal structure that makes it possible to get back possession when you need to.
And…oh, there’s soooooo much to know and I’ve realised something…it’s not all in this book, I think I should write another addition!
Anyway, please find below your link to a free chapter, and, if you want the whole thing free, it’s yours for the price of postage and packaging!
Thanks for reading and I wish you successful investing.

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