Scam Alert – CPS/Court Summons

From:  The Crown Prosecution Service<>   look at the actual email address!  This is a building engineers address that has probably been hijacked.

Subject:  Your queue REF number: 98UP6M32

Do not click the link! 

If you hover your mouse over the link, you will see that it takes to to an obscure website (DO NOT CLICK THIS ******http:// /wp-content /themes /twentysixteen /less/ b4ekfa0annn/pvugxm0n.php******)

It will (probably) take you to a phishing site or load some dodgy software in your browser or computer.

Like indicated, if you get an unexpected email, especially from someone you do not know on a subject you have no knowledge off, look at the senders email address and review links before you consider clicking.  Report them as spam and delete the email!