Starting A Great Business From An Everyday Activity

It quickly struck me that the advert was from a company that had created a product, in a VERY competitive market, that was based on something that we all crave, convenience.


Cornerstone have a four products and a simple business model – men choose what shaving products they want, how often they want them and, well, that’s it!  The four products are Pre-Shave Face Scrub, Shave Gel, Razor Blades and Post-Shave Balm.

Like any successful shaving company would, they have tied their blades to their handle, however, they are giving their handle away and personalising it, and it does look cool.

Sure, if you look at the items individually, they do sit on the branded/premium end, but I have ordered some to see what they are like.  If I like them, I do not have to worry about buying blades and bits again (coincidentally, something I did need to do, hence my initial interest), if I do not, I cancel my repeating order (you choose the frequency of deliveries based on how often you shave.

What this has, again, highlighted is that a relatively boring (despite what all of the branded TV adverts claim), can be transformed in to a potentially big and profitable business – good luck to them!

BTW, these guys seem to have been around for around 18 months (probably a lot more) – it is amazing what a bit of old fashioned newspaper promoting can do!

Will King – have you missed a trick?

This got me thinking about what else could be made into an auto repeating business.  After a bit of googling, I found this – are there still any gaps to be filled?