The Definition Of Success

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. In fact your answers might well be completely different to mine. The trick is, ask yourself the questions, and then answer them honestly. Many people don’t and answer in the manner they think they should rather than how they really feel. Remember, it’s been written before, your plan should be your plan, your very own plan. Don’t get sucked in to adhering to someone else’s plan because you’ll be attempting to create their dream not yours. Follow that path and your on the road to unhappiness.

What do you really want? What would satisfy you when you look back in your retirement? Only you know the answers but It might help to talk to someone else. Saying things out loud in front of someone else often helps crystallise thoughts. Sometimes the answer needs to be searched for but once you know it you can make your plan.

For me, too many TV programmes about business are not real but designed to get viewing figures. They are the yardstick that many people live to though. Is massive wealth your number one priority? Do you want the satisfaction of knowing that your idea works or maybe you want a business to accommodate a certain lifestyle, like spending more time with your family?

As I said at the top, there are all sorts of correct answers to the questions but you just ask them all the same. Be honest with yourself, stick to your own plan and you’ll be on the road to your version of success.