The excitment of AI blogging: Not the usual social media tips

It’s always an honour to be invited as the guest speaker at a networking event, especially if you’ve presented to the group before and they’ve asked you to come back for more! One challenge, though, is coming up with a fresh topic that’s going to be interesting, useful and fun!

Fortunately, with social media there’s always something new to chat about!

At last week’s YBC brunch in Holborn, I wanted to talk about content but knew that someone else had spoken previously about the hottest topic at the moment: Chat GPT. If you’re still in the dark about this game-changing Artificial Intelligence (AI) site, now’s the time to check it out, as it can dramatically cut down the time you spend on creating content such as blogs, articles, web pages and social media posts.

I chose a simple topic to demonstrate its speed and versatility: “Top social media tips for accountants.” Without hesitation, my laptop churned out a brilliant blog with eight key points for accountants to bear in mind when using social media. You know the stuff; these tips aren’t just for accountants; they’re relevant for everybody’s businesses – define goals, choose the platform, post regularly, engage with your audience etc…

But that’s not enough to make a presentation fun – or to showcase my own creativity.  So I asked the AI to also give me a number of similar blogs, but “in the style of” various famous authors, people or characters.

Here are a few snippets – can you guess the different styles? I love that it wrote most of them in rhyme!!

There’s a link at the end to see if you’ve guessed correctly!

Social Media Tips for Accountants In The Style Of…?

Oh worthy accountants, heed my words with care,
And listen to the counsel that I doth share.
Content of value, doth thou need to create,
Helpful tips, industry news to educate.

Create content, like a siren’s call that lures your followers,
With financial knowledge and expertise that will enrich their lives.
Engage with your audience, like a charming Count that mesmerizes,
To build a loyal following that will be your faithful servants.

Define your goals, you must,
And choose your platform, with care you trust.
Post regularly, you should,
To build a presence that’s strong and good.

Shaken, not stirred: Don’t be afraid to mix things up on your social media channels. Share a variety of content, including industry news, tips and tricks, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your work. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer: Pay attention to what your competitors are doing on social media. See what’s working for them and adapt those strategies to your own brand.

Engage with your audience, like the moors at dawn,
Show them your knowledge, like the light of the sun.
Visuals, like a painting, can add beauty and grace,
Infographics, images, videos, to take their place.

Alright guvnor, listen up,
Social media can be a right up and down, but don’t throw in the towel and give up.
Choose your dog and bone, and get yourself online,
And start building your profile and online shine.

Create content, like a tale of romance,
And your audience will swoon, like in a dreamy trance.
Engage with your followers, like love’s sweet kiss,
And your bond will be strong, like a love that’s bliss.

(Click here to see if you’re right, and read – or skim through! – the full versions.)

On a more serious note, if you’re using an AI programme to write for you, make sure you check the grammar, spelling and accuracy of the content. It’s not infallible! And unless you’re so widely published that the AI can pick up your personal style, edit, tweak and make it your own before you publish!

This blog was written by me, apart from the “In the style of” snippets, which were artfully crafted by the robotic hand of ChatGPT.

I’d love to know what you think!