How Can You Optimise Your Business For Mobile?

That’s huge, and the uptake of mobile shows no sign of slowing any time soon. Shopify state that more than 50% of their e-commerce traffic happens on a mobile device, more emails are now consumed on mobile than desktop, and there are even more mobile phones than people on earth.

So what does this mean for business owners? It means that offering a good mobile experience for customers, regardless of the business you’re in, is an absolute necessity. Whether it’s to find information, get in touch, search for offers or make a purchase, customers need to have access to a business on their mobile phone just as much – or even more! – than they do on desktop. Any business that ignores this trend will suffer and get left behind, as today’s average consumer is not willing to struggle with a bad mobile experience. (Think tiny text, constant pinching and zooming, and menu bars that don’t display properly – if they even function at all!)

Ensuring your website works well on mobile is absolutely crucial and should be the first thing ticked on every business owner’s checklist for 2015. But then what? How else can business owners take advantage of the mobile landscape?

For those ready to offer customers more, it’s time for a mobile app. Apps are actually much more powerful than websites, and can be used as effective, innovative marketing tools. With a mobile app business owners can:

  • Send push notifications straight to customers’ phones
  • Run loyalty schemes by storing digital stamps on individual devices
  • Get their logo as an icon on customers’ homescreens (which get looked at more than 200 times per day)
  • Ensure their brand is represented in major app stores

As a direct result of the uptake of smartphone ownership and usage for everyday consumers, there are plenty of easy, cost-effective solutions out there to help with creating a mobile app for your business.  Some users are already seeing a 500% return on investment on their apps. With costs less than a standard newspaper ad, the risk is minimal while the potential upside is huge.

While there’s no reason you can’t do both, there are a million reasons why you have to do something! Go mobile today – your customers already are.