Turn Great Ideas into Profit


You’re not alone. It’s a problem that I hear voiced fairly often. And I know it can feel frustrating. You’ll probably be looking for reasons why it happens. There are loads of things you could blame.

In really simple terms, though, the reason you don’t bring your idea to fruition is that it doesn’t make sense to you at some level, maybe subconsciously.

Let’s break it down a bit more. There are only three primary reasons your latest money-making idea might not turn into money:

1. It’s a great idea… in isolation. It’s the wrong time, place or person. Here and now, you’re not the person to make this idea happen. Deep down, you probably know this, but it’s such a great idea, you’re holding on.

2. Common sense is telling you something. Actually, this idea isn’t going anywhere. You could make it happen, but it’s never going to make money for you. The entrepreneurial process naturally has lots of ideas that don’t develop.

3. You need a collaborator, partner, coach or mentor. Someone who can help, support, guide and nag you to deliver. The might have skills to complement yours, be able to keep you accountable, or simply provide love and support while you get on with it.

But how do you know which it is? When should that beautiful business plan – or back-of-the-napkin scribble – stay on paper (at least for now)? When is it time to move on, and when is it asking for help? It can feel like there are too many factors to consider.

Some people will tell you to go with your gut. Not necessarily a good idea. Gut instinct isn’t that reliable, it’s heavily influenced by emotions. Others will suggest you clear your mind, get clarity before making decisions . Yet the more you try to clear your mind, the more confused you become.

In fact, there’s a single discriminator. It applies in any situation, in business and in life. One thing to remember, and the rest will follow:

Even though it looks like time, commitments, motivation, market conditions, political situation, investment or other people are getting in the way of you taking your next business step… It’s not true. That’s not how it works. The only thing you can ever be feeling is thought in the moment.

Which means the only thing you can say with confidence is that you had an idea and you’re not acting on it right now. So what? Not acting is as valid as acting.

Stripped bare of all the meaning making, there’s a freedom for you to make choices. To implement, mothball or dump that idea.

My role is the love, support and occasional nagging!