Uplift In Mininum Wage Rates

The 3% increase in the adult NMW rate is the biggest real-term rise since 2008.

The Headline rates are:

  • NMW for adults increases to £6.70/hour (a 20p/3% increase)
  • NMW for 18-20 year olds increases to £5.30/hour (a 17p/3% increase)
  • NMW for 16-17 year olds increases to £3.87/hour (an 8p/2% increase)

Also of note is the increase to the NMW for apprentices, which will increase by 57p or 20% to £3.30/hour.  The Low Pay Commission had recommended a 2.6% increase to £2.80.

On another matter don’t forget the shared parental leave regulations kick in for babies whose expected date of birth is April 5th or later.

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