Are you happy with your family life?

Missing Link – Deep Dive questions

  1. Are you a business owner with the best intentions to change your family’s life for the better?


  1. Are you spending MORE TIME in and on your business and LESS TIME with your family?


  1. Are you aware of early signs of broken relationships emerging with your children, significant other and extended family members?


  1. What are you doing about it?


  1. What do you really want your business to provide for you (Be honest!)


Happier Families more loving homes

Would you agree happier families create more productive, higher performance and happier business owners?

So let me ask you another question…Taking an honest look at your family dynamics on a scale of 1 -10, how would you rate your level of harmony and happiness?

1, Being totally in disarray and 10, being ideal?

Looking at this figure are you happy with the result?

If NO, will you do anything about it?


A world of maybes

Would it be OK to suggest that is important to be mindful and be present, when in the company of your family?

Maybe, if you took a little more time to be mindful and present when at home, instead of thinking and talking about business, things may improve.


By being mindful, in the present moment (mind, body and spirit) however, are you suffering from presenteeism, where you are physically there, however, you are mentally elsewhere?   Or are you simply just absent from your family’s life? Please be honest with yourself?


Your relationship with your children

Do you know what they are doing? Do you know what is happening in their social, emotional, physical, educational, training, work and development life? Do you know what they like, dislike, types of music they listen to and why?   Do you really know your children’s current situation?


Your significant other

Do you really know what is happening in your significant other’s life? Do you know what their typical day looks like? Do you know if they are in any pain, physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, financially? When was the last time you made them feel like a priority?  Do you know their current likes and dislikes? Are you increasingly in disagreements? How does this make you feel?


Over to you

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