Why Networking Works

  1. Boost your reputation

    If you think that you are not networking, you probably are!  With the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter we are constantly networking over the internet.  Taking it ‘live’ and attending any event where potential customers, suppliers or partners are increases your chances of growing dramatically!

    Remember, ‘People buy People’ so, just by showing your face others are more likely to remember you and you can boost your reputation.

  2. Show off your knowledge & skills

    Not only are you showing your face to these people but you are also telling people about what you do. It is about the connections that can be gained by working together and utilising each others skills to work within a community.

    Try to get a speaker slot at an event – this becomes more likely if you are a regular attendee.

  3. Recommendations

    This is one of the best ways to get new businesses and worth a dozen email or direct campaigns.  If someone asks me do I know someone who can (whatever), it shows that I might be seen as a trusted source.  If you know enough trusted sources, you should start getting a few people come your way.

    Everyone would rather be recommended for anything they are going to spend money on as a customer whether it is an electrician, printer, accountant or chiropractor.

  4. Make profitable business relationships

    You can raise your profile by becoming a regular networker, getting your face and business known. You can meet new people from all areas of business and build mutually beneficial business relationships.