Why should I blog in 2016?

Being visible in relevant web searches is the easiest way to achieve this. Most people use the internet as a vehicle to search for information. Essentially blogging turns that on its head and makes you the creator of information.

Writing a blog helps you communicate with existing and potential clients thus giving you the opportunity to both create and reinforce relationships. After publishing blogs on your website they should be posted onto your social media platforms which can enhance your reputation and create more traffic to your website.

We all have opinions and blogging is the ideal platform to share your thoughts and grow your audience. Furthermore, by writing regularly, it affords the opportunity to raise brand awareness and successfully market your services.

That’s not to say that blogs should be salesy though. Regular, informative articles that help to solve problems are the way to go especially if people are searching for solutions to those very problems. That way you are likely to get liked and shared on social media which can take your message even further afield.

Google and other search engines like new content so posting regularly is key. Similarly, this content getting liked and shared on social media tells them that they should be coming back to your site to check what’s new.

Each blog you publish gives your site another chance to be noticed, so, get blogging and show the world what you have to say.