Health & Wellness

That Gut Feeling

“All disease starts in the gut” Hippocrates I’m very excited…..why? Because I’ve found a great partnerhip that will allow me to reach more clients for less. If you want to […]

You can’t go where you need to if you don’t know where you are.

What’s the plan? Imagine this: You stand at a crossroads, uncertain of which path to take. You yearn for fulfilment, for a life that truly resonates with your soul. Yet, […]

Mental Health And The Small Business Sector

Many people choose to become self employed, or to start their own business, to achieve a better work/life balance but the reality is often very different. This perceived flexibility brings […]

My Why

Why? I believe we all can live a life with vitality.  It’s available to us when we understand what our individual needs are, and can meet those needs without feeling […]

Are you happy with your family life?

Missing Link – Deep Dive questions Are you a business owner with the best intentions to change your family’s life for the better?   Are you spending MORE TIME in […]

Workplace Wellbeing

Although the pandemic is receding the official guidance remains work from home when you can. Monday’s announcement will reinforce this advice. More people are becoming used to hybrid working a […]

It’s just not that easy…

Let us think carefully about the language we use when we talk about mental health issues. This is my favourite poem: Socks by Elly Lloyd if only I had the […]

Online Mental Health First Aid Training

World Suicide Prevention Day

Today, 10th September, is World Suicide Prevention Day. Each suicide affects more than just the person who could find no other way to end the pain. The ripple effect through […]

The Importance of Personalised Weight Loss

When I first came across the concept of “personalised weight loss”, my approach towards dietary advice changed and has never been the same. I first became involved in helping clients […]

Let’s get talking about Suicide

This week I’d like to get us talking about Suicide. The most serious crisis There is a darkness, which words can’t describe. A place where hope has been replaced by […]

Let’s get talking about Hope

This week I’d like to get us talking about Hope. Hope is key to recovery When my world was turned upside down last year I struggled to find a way […]