My Why


I believe we all can live a life with vitality.  It’s available to us when we understand what our individual needs are, and can meet those needs without feeling restricted.  Our health can be taken for granted, until we no longer have it.  I strongly believe our health should be given priority and an education for it to thrive and for us to thrive.  I want to make a difference to peoples’ lives!


It’s my mission to create understanding and empowerment to help control our health through Nutrition and Lifestyle, individually.  I believe we should enjoy nourishing our bodies to allow us to live a full life with vitality and balance.  I want everyone to understand they are individual and unique, therefore, their nutritional needs are too.


Previously working as a Head of IT in the City, I found myself struggling with the symptoms of IBS.  After having 2 children and finding little solace from conventional medicine, I discovered I could unlock the door to her health through diet and lifestyle.  I now live symptom free and as a nutritionist and gut health expert, I help women over 40 break free of their tummy troubles and take back control of their health and vitality, without feeling restricted or deprived.

I find that weight loss and gut health are intrinsically linked.  Usually, one accompanies the other.  I offer a variety of ways to work together, in each one the main focus is always YOU.  We are all different/unique/individual, whatever word you want to use.  Not only do we all have different genetics and DNA, but we also all have different tastes, preferences, and lifestyles.  When you work with me, I use this to provide an extremely tailored plan to you, working WITH you to achieve your goals.  Not trying to “fit” you into a generic plan.

Do you:

  • Struggle with mealtimes as you feel you can’t eat the same as everyone else?
  • Find yourself googling “how to fix IBS?”
  • Feel bloated and uncomfortable after eating?
  • Want to wear your jeans without feeling the need to undo the top button after mealtimes?
  • Long to feel “normal” again?
  • Want to enjoy food?
  • Feel that your tummy restricts you in your life?

If any of the answers are yes, get in touch today