Brand Protection is part of Brand Development

As a SME business owner you are busy developing your brand & growing your business. You need to see the bank account is rolling along nicely and any thing that diverts your attention from developing your brand, has to wait. If you’re like most SME business owners, you probably haven’t considered protecting your brand and that could be due to a number of reasons:


1 – You didn’t know you should protect your brand – you don’t know what you don’t know right?

2 – You don’t enjoy the legal side of business & shy away from it for as long as possible. 

3 – Costs – anything legal is often seen to be an added cost a SME business could really do without.


But, what would you do if your brand identity is stolen? What would you do if the intellectual property you worked so hard to build is stolen and claimed as their own? Are you ready to absorb the significantly increased costs that will result from a likely legal battle? Did you even know that SME business owners are having their intellectual property stolen from right underneath their noses due to cyber security issues? 

Do these questions make you uncomfortable? Good. These questions are designed to make you think about the importance of ‘protecting’ your brand whilst you develop it. No point developing the brand only to avoid protecting it until needed. By then you’ve lost the game, you are now faced with a legal situation which may end up costing you your very business! Successful entrepreneurs make informed decisions. Don’t be the obstacle in making sure your business remains yours. 

Join us at our Masterclass on 9th June and get informed by Ese Akpogheneta, Trademark Attorney from Nucleus IP, on the Importance of Protecting your SME Brand. For more information, please click here