Messenger Bots, Lead Generation and Why Do Local Businesses Need Them in 2019?

Let’s look at these statistics from Facebook:   

53% of prospects are more likely to buy something from a business that they can message!

The open rate on messenger is 5x HIGHER than any email you send.

The click rate, the ‘action’ your potential customers take is 3x higher on Messenger than email!

Convinced yet? many of your competition are.



So why would a messenger chat bot app on your phone become the most powerful online tool since the invention of email in 1972?

Human nature and the incredible development of the phone….here are three specific reasons you can leverage. 

1: People who are wanting to buy like having their questions answered from the comfort of their own device, on the phone, at home and on their time. They love being in charge, don’t we all.  

2: People buy from people they trust and that comes from communication.  if you are willing to communicate with them they appreciate it and trust you more.  That communication can be automated and is the power of chatbots.

3: People who are ready to buy are more likely to put their hand in their pocket when invited to.  When someone actively invited a relaxed prospect to take the NEXT natural step in the sales process they are more willing to take that action.

Messenger bots are robots that can carry on a conversation with a customer and interact with them just as an actual human being would. They can handle small customer service tasks, process payments, book reservations, and more.

Online users are already becoming familiar with these types of bots because today, they appear on so many websites in the form of chatbots that pop up when a user lands on the site.

Messenger bots are different than these chatbots though. This is because they don’t appear on websites but instead, inside messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger (the largest of the messenger bot market), Twitter, WhatsApp, and more. Whenever a customer wants to message your business through these apps, the messenger bot will appear, or the customer will subscribe to speak to the bot. Most of these bots are run by local businesses and if you don’t currently have one, you could be missing out

The biggest reason for this is just that – so many local businesses are starting to see the benefits of using them and realising that using email to marketing their business is just not working.

And that includes your competitors that may be just down the street, or just around the corner.

If you’re not, and the competition is, customers may decide to leave your company when they can’t get ahold of you right away, but there is always someone (or something) to talk to them at the competition.

Local businesses that don’t get in on the trend of using messenger bots now are simply going to be left behind. It’s said that by the year 2020, and that’s not too far off, 85 percent of business to customer interactions will be done with no human interaction at all.

At that time, there’s no telling just what messenger bots will look like, interact like, and what other advancements will be made. Local business will do much better getting in on this trend now instead of waiting and finding out too far down the road that they waited too long.