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Yet more guidance on the Furlough scheme

Apologies for yet another bulletin but both HMRC and the treasury have today issued more guidance on the operation of the furlough scheme. HMRC has today published a fourth update […]

Further guidance on Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

This latest, 9th April update to the Guidance on the Scheme continues to add detail to how the Scheme will operate and, most importantly for those affected, the circumstances in […]

Letter To The Shadow Chancellor Of The Exchequer

Dear Anneliese (Dodds), Thank you for your email and we are delighted to be able to provide input regarding the current plight of the self employed and small business community. […]

The Dickensian Plight of the 21st Century Self Employed!!

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on businesses throughout the world and when things get back to normal there will be difficulties not only for the owners of […]

Updated Coronavirus Job Retention Guidance

HMRC has on, April 4th, published an update to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Shown below are the points which have been clarified from the original guidance a copy of […]

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

Since the guidance was issued by HMRC on Friday we have developed a further set of FAQs which should help to answer most queries. It is important to emphasise this […]


At YBC we have long since believed that the 6 million strong community of self employed people and director led businesses are ignored by government. The outbreak of Coronavirus has […]

April 2020 Limits

Every April the government increases the statutory rates for redundancy pay, sick pay, maternity, paternity, adoption and shared parental leave pay. The new rates are shown below. EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL COMPENSATION […]


As you will all be aware the Coronavirus is fast spreading outside of China. Fortunately the mortality risk so far is extremely low but the fact that it can spread […]

Jack’s Law

You may be aware that the government has pledged to introduce from April 2 weeks bereavement leave for any parent who loses a child. The parental bereavement leave and pay […]

April Changes – Uplift in Rates 2020

The Government has announced the following changes effective April The National Living Wage for ages 25 and above – up 6.2% to £8.72 per hour The National Minimum Wage for […]

The Benefits Of Using International Graduates

He will examine why interns offer so much to British industry by explaining how Internationals think out of the box in growing new business in their home countries by using […]