What are Creative Stocks and How Can You Use Them?

Creating a beautiful design is only half the story when it comes to print; deciding which paper stock to print on is a crucial decision. Picking the right substrate means […]

Defining Success

As a small business owner how do you define success? There are no doubt lots of different answers with happiness/contentment high on the list. Financial reward must play some part […]

Government Publishes Good Work Plan

 The Government has published a series of proposed changes to employment law, following the Matthew Taylor Good Work Review. The government claims it is the biggest reform of employment law in […]

Paperwork Paperwork Paperwork

You may be mistaken to think in the era of paperless transactions paperwork is no longer necessary I hate to surprise you but it is especially critical when administrating HR […]

How Many Times To Get Your Advert Seen

It is still applicable today:   The first time people look at any ad they don’t even see it   The second time, they don’t notice it   The third […]

You Must Read This Article

I thought I’d read some of the posts that were there. I came across this one that began… 90% Of Small Businesses Are Breaking The Law And Don’t Realise! I […]

How To Manage Stress

The truth, however, was very different. I was constantly tired, always ill, and felt exhausted both physically and mentally most of the time. Eventually I went to the doctor’s and […]

Are You Ready For Christmas?

Recently we have seen allegations of abuse from touching a knee to rape in the entertainment and political areas but private companies employers must now know even more that you […]

My YBC Week

Last week I went to YBC breakfasts in Enfield on Tuesday, Hornchurch on Wednesday, Hammersmith on Thursday and Loughton on Friday and it was great to see members doing business […]

How to avoid a £400 fine – GDPR has only just begun

On 26 September 2018, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) announced that it has commenced formal enforcement action against 34 organisations that have failed to pay the new data protection fee […]

Brexit Legal Update

Although the GDPR only came in to force less than 5 months ago, there are already a set of upcoming changes, laws and regulations which will impact website and business […]

90% Of Small Businesses Are Breaking The Law And Don’t Realise!

It is simple really: if you keep personal details of people you have to be registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).  The data can be electronic or on paper, […]