Why Mindfulness Matters

It means being aware, paying attention to what you’re doing and why and avoiding being too reactive. These acts are incredibly beneficial in the workplace to the employee and the business.

MIND, the mental health charity states that mindfulness can help:

  • manage unhelpful thoughts
  • be kinder to oneself
  • feel calmer
  • better manage stress
  • assist and better teamwork
  • improve leadership skills

Encouraging employees to look after their wellbeing shows that the company cares about them, which in turn can make them feel happier and more engaged at work.

Mindfulness can prevent burnout, promote job satisfaction and can facilitate better performance, as well as increasing memory and concentration levels.

However you approach it, encouraging mindfulness at work is a step in the right direction for the wellbeing of your workplace. By helping them to gain the tools to manage their wellbeing you’ll help them to perform better in their role.

Give it a go!!!!