Discrimination Against Small Businesses

This is how #governmentpolicy for #smallbusinesses appears to be working:

Employees eligible to be #furloughed get paid later this month and are effectively on paid holidays. Even relatively newly appointed staff are eligible.

#Selfemployed people who are getting ‘less work or no work’ have to wait until June before they might receive a #grant. Eligibility is having made a tax return for 2018/19 thus omitting masses of newer businesses.

#Directors of #smallbusinesses cannot realistically #furlough themselves if they want their business to continue. If they choose to furlough they can only claim a grant for 80 percent of their salary but #dividends are excluded.

Businesses working from premises who are #businessrates payers (or getting relief) get substantial grants because of the disruption but those working from serviced offices or from home get nothing despite being equally disrupted.

This is discrimination and government policy is advocating mass poverty for this sector.