Divorces & Breakups: The Aftermath!

Divorce leads to mourning in a majority of cases. People relate the hurt and heartache to that of death. It is in essence death—death of a marriage. The constant changes remind exes of what was and what could have been.

One-quarter of adults and children who have suffered through a divorce never get over their losses completely.

However, life goes on. It is imperative to find the energy and support to go on with life as usual, to reduce the resulting hopelessness and negativity that are the outcomes of nasty divorce proceedings.  

Open yourself up to the help being offered and take steps necessary to lessen the psychological burdens associated with divorce. You need to let go of the painful meanings and make way in your heart for acceptance and peace with the fact that you are better off without the conflict of a marriage on the rocks.

Divorce counsellors offer the following advice:

  • Work With a Support Network

A support network is oftentimes the most powerful remedy for pain and suffering that plagues divorcees. It offers them a solid pillar to lean on and find likeminded individuals going through similar issues, finding solace in each other’s support.

  • Work on Yourself

Divorced individuals often are left with a lot of time and energy, which they previously spent on building a home and a marriage. In the aftermath of a divorce, it can lead to despair, isolation and even fear of life.

The relationship experts encourage divorcees to use this period productively and indulge in self-exploration. Expand yourself, find new hobbies, and get constructive with your time.

  • Don’t Let Your Loved Ones Suffer

Divorce can be hard on the entire family including the kids. Don’t bad mouth the ex-spouse in front of the children. And also understand that your parents and siblings might also be hurting for you. Keep things as civil and amicable as possible in all your dealings with the ex.

Last Word

Life after separation can bring uncertainties and emotional turmoil, after all you are letting go of a partner that you once wanted to spend the rest of your life with.