Looking in the Mirror, do you like what you see?

Hand on heart are you being the best version of you, that you can be? If not, why not?

Have you ever loved someone so deeply that it hurt?

Have you ever cried so much that your tears could create an Ocean?

Have you ever dreamed so big, that you were mocked, jeered and even ostracised?

Have you ever wondered….? So why did I start this blog with such thought provoking questions?

Why not! What has SWIM got to do with a mirror? Water provides a reflection, you are made with a significant amount of water in your body, Water is also therapeutic and a force not to be reckoned with! Yet, water can be so gentle, soothing it holds so many secrets and it has a very close connection to your health and well being too!

I have changed SWIM to S.W.I.M (See, What’s In Me).

In life it seems that we are taught to fit in society and not be different, it is the norm and those that have big dreams are being constantly under attack to downsize and conform, be average, blend in the crowd.

What if YOU decide, that is not enough for you, that you are more than average, you are EXTRAORDINARY.

When will you decide enough is enough, when will you not sit back and be mocked?

When will the TRUE YOU appear?

When will you express yourself, eloquently and professionally. They say, time waits for no- one and time is the most precious commodity we have, so are you using time wisely or losing it through living your life through the eyes of others?

So now, I have opened you up to the world of possibilities what are your going to do? Who are you really going to be?