[Scam Alert] Phishing Emails Alledgedly From HSBC

We have received a phishing email that reads as follows:

HSBC Safeguard
Action Required
HSBC Safeguard is a collection of measures taken to safeguard your hard-earned savings and savings from online and financial fraud. To accomplish this, we need to ensure that the record we have about you is correct and up to date.

We’ll use this information to protect you, and ourselves, from financial crime. We take our obligation to protect your data very seriously. All the information you provide will be subject to HSBC Group’s data and security standards to ensure its protection.

Please click on “Update” button below to start your updating procedure.


Please note, your online and card services will remain blocked until you complete the process.

Thank you,


The update link takes you to hsbc-verify.org.uk, which is a bogus link.  This has been reported and it looks like the following domains also exist:


None of these are registered to HSBC and should be considered dangerous.