Heathrow or Gatwick – Who Should Have The Runway?

What ever you thoughts are on the third runway at Heathrow or another one at Gatwick, one thing is sure – a decision should be made NOW!

The Governments delay on a decision to mid 2016 indicates to me that they will choose Heathrow, but do not want Zac Goldsmith to pull out of the mayoral race (am I being cynical?).

But, why can’t both airports have a new runway?  Why does it have to be one or the other?

Think about it

  • increased employment due to more construction (make sure the work is not simultaneous)
  • More business for the construction and supplies industry (this would probably go to a foreign contractor, though!)
  • improved infrastructure for both areas
  • capacity for both airports to grow, so increasing employment, investment etc
  • the UK’s positions a a major air hub improves

At the moment, both airports are spending money on marketing themselves as the better choice – why?  Public opinion is unlikely to change and decision makers have probably already made their decision. 

Strangely, Gatwick want ‘all or nothing’, which seems shortsighted and means they are playing for high stakes.

Whatever the outcome, the losers in all of this be the local residents of the approved scheme and UK politics – dithering again!