How to create a powerful mindset

If you live in or near London, there’s an opportunity to hear me present one of the most powerful tools in my life-change toolbox …. how to change your mindset and create a powerful one.

This is the tool that’s made the biggest contribution to my success as a psychologist and development trainer.

Everyone should know this. It’s far from obvious and most people simply don’t know. It will generate success for you in whatever you do.

It’s being presented on Wednesday evening Feb 7th, to an audience of Christian Rodwell who runs ‘Escape the Rate Race’ teaching those currently employed (or already in business) to develop a successful business.

Chris is happy for you to attend, even if you’re not ready to move your knowledge, ideas, expertise or experience into a business right now or just to hear my talk

Click here for more details and to register.

Graham Price

Abicord CEO