In Britain, the little guy always loses

It’s something I’ve thought about for years and I still struggle to understand why.

The recent Post Office scandal is a particularly shocking example where honest, hard working, small business owners had their voices ignored by the ruling elite who chose to close ranks and obfuscate.

COVID-19 is another striking example that saw all employees financially supported whilst millions of self employed people and small business owners were left to cope alone.

How can things like this be allowed to happen? Society’s opinion of the little guy needs to change but how do we bring about that change?

Decision makers appear in our every day lives and they live in a world that is alien to the rest of us. These modern day lords of the manor are nearly always employees who simply have no concept of what it is like to run your own business. In their world venality rules and they think that everyone has that same money grabbing outlook.

The voice of the little guy needs to be heard and, collectively, it will bellow loud and clear. We implore journalists and media outlets to grant us a platform to air the views of  this huge yet silent and unrepresented sector of the economy.