Is outsourcing the key to success?

I seem to be saying this every day of late, probably because I come across so many business owners who simply can’t cope with all of the things they have to do just to keep their business going. Big companies cope because they have the wherewithal but there is another way.

Of course, most people striking out on their own have far loftier ambitions than merely surviving. However, when reality kicks in it is all too easy to get bogged down by bureaucracy. So what is it that successful business owners do that sets them apart and allows their business to fly?

Traditionally, businesses employed in house departments but, for many SMEs, these have now been replaced by an army of outsourced expertise. Go to any networking event and you’ll find people offering to do your PR, HR, Marketing, the list is virtually endless. Social media can help you check their credentials and, once you’ve made the right appointment, you’ll find you are back doing what you set out to do.

Attempting to be good at everything is a false economy and in many cases can lead to failure.