Growing your Business = get to understand the Numbers

The most important aspect of any business is the numbers.

If you handle your own Bookkeeping, are you getting it right?

If your business is VAT Registered are you claiming VAT correctly?

When you look at your accounts, can you make financial decisions?

A Professional Bookkeeper, such as Numbers R Us will tidy your accounts up, will alleviate any stress you have relating to your accounts.
Numbers R Us can create a cashflow forecast for you and monitor it with you and check that you are not spending over budget. You tell me your business goals and I will help you achieve them.

With over 40 years of Bookkeeping experience I am in a position to help and advise you, I am more than just a Bookkeeper, a bit like a Business Coach too and you’ll definitely be happy with the improvement in your business performance.

Numbers R US is also a Payroll Bureau. If you have a limited company you don’t need to be employing staff to have a payroll. A Director can withdraw money via the Payroll. Ask me for details.

Numbers R Us are Accountants too. We can act for you for your Accounts. However, if you have an Accountant and wish us to do your Bookkeeping and/or Payroll that is fine too. At the year end we liaise with our Accountant and prepare everything for your Accountant to submit the Accounts.

Numbers R US – You Can Count On Us!

Howard Sherbourne
Tel 07375 922705