3 Fantastic Destinations That Are Making a Comeback for 2018

But if we’ve seen one thing over our years in the travel business, it’s that some destinations will always make a huge comeback. In fact, for the shrewd holidaymaker, a lull in popularity can be your opportunity to get a less chaotic, tourist-packed trip at a fraction of the price.

If you’re planning your 2018 holiday, here are three destinations we expect to have their resurgence this year. Strike while the iron’s hot to get the best possible deal.


For decades on end, Turkey was one of the UK’s most popular tourist hotspots. It took an unfortunate mix of political instability and security concerns to see it decline for several years on end – but we’ve seen a noticeable increase in bookings over the past few months.

It’s no surprise. Turkey combines a gorgeous sunny climate with surprisingly low prices – and it’s also big on choice. Just off the Mediterranean coast, Belek’s beaches, resorts, and fantastic Land of Legends Theme Park make it the ideal family trip. Meanwhile, Istanbul’s waterfront restaurants, boutique hotels, and lively nightlife are great for romantic getaways or the solo traveller.

There really is something for everyone.


Similarly to Turkey, Tunisia’s experiencing a real resurgence after restored confidence in its security. What’s really interesting, though, is that even the most cautious firms like cruise providers are beginning to return to the region with stops at the capital, Tunis.

Luxurious and laid-back, Tunis itself sums up the entire country. You’ll find modern amenities and fine dining right next to some of North Africa’s most historic sites. You can step back through history or head to the markets to haggle an incredible deal on high fashion.

There’s an endless amount to explore, from the world’s largest and best preserved Roman amphitheatre to picturesque villages, painted houses, and sandy beaches.


Much of Egypt’s tourism troubles came from restricted access to Sharm El Sheikh, which had long been UK holidaymakers’ preferred Egyptian destination. But Egypt’s a big country – and there are plenty of popular places to soak in the sun and get a taste of ancient culture.

We’ve seen destinations like the resort of Hurghada draw people in with its idyllic beaches, piercing blue waters and breathtaking coral reefs. Of course, trips to Alexandria and Cairo remain popular, too.

The truth is that there’s nowhere in the world quite like Egypt. Pyramids, ancient tombs – you just can’t get those things anywhere else. And as you take in Luxor’s Valley of the Kings, sail on a luxurious trip down The Nile, or embrace authenticity with some delicious street food, it’s easy to see why people keep coming back.